Sunday, 13 January 2013

My blog name is not a typo

My name is Angharad, I'm 22 and I have an external fixator on my leg. I've made this blog for not only myself but for anyone else who wants to know what it's like having a fixation and for those who currently have or are getting one.

First I'll explain how I ended up in this situation.

Not my x-ray but like this.
I love Ice Hockey. I love watching it and I love my team, the Sheffield Steelers. On the 8th of December, after a devastating loss against the Edinburgh Capitals, the Steelers invited the fans onto the ice to skate with the players. I'm not the most confident of skaters but I knew if I held onto the side, I'd be able to meet my favourite players. No doubt, you can guess what happened... I hit a bad patch of ice and wobbled. I fell one way and to try stop myself falling, I banked all my weight to the opposite side and fell. The next thing I remember is lying on the ice screaming, surrounded by the staff and a few players from my beloved team. I was lifted onto a stretcher and lifted off the ice where an ambulance was called. Lying on the stretcher, I was assured it was just a sprain but I knew from the way my foot flopped to the side that it was most definitely broken. My friends came to my side, along with player Tyler Michel, and stayed with me. I was given gas and air and screamed as they took my ice skate off. I was lifted into an ambulance, my friend and housemate Ellie at my side and given morphine. Later on, my fiancee, came to the hospital as I was x-rayed to reveal a broken tibia and fibula bone.


  1. Wow... you poor thing :( I've just read all the posts on the blog and have the utmost sympathy for what you've gone through. I used to work in operating theatres in the Heath in Cardiff and have seen some pretty horrendous things and have seen others go through similar things, not nice at all xoxo Really hope you make a full recovery soon!


  2. Ha ha pretty good blog name. I am sure you will turn out fine. Found your blog via another. I have a fixator on my foot currently (elective surgery) and was curious to discover what others had for experiences when they started to walk. My condition is no where near as intensive as yours. I should be able to walk next week in the foxator. You'll turn out fine so until you totally recover, happy blogging!